My website design in exchange for PHP coding tuition!

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1071 days ago


I am a web designer with a few years experience, and I have created a number of websites usually using Joomla and Wordpress. I am reasonably competent in HTML and CSS

I am looking for tuition in coding - PHP, MySQL. There are a few applications that I have dreamt up which I would love to learn to code myself. However, I would not know the first way to go about coding them.

Would you please help me out by giving me tuition in these languages, or directing me in how to code these particular applications? I am essentially a beginner, and I suspect my applications would need serious expertise in PHP/MySQL.

In return I am happy to offer ongoing voluntary webdesign services (ideally home-based). I can also offer other skills such as admin, writing skills, data entry, basic graphic design, basic video editing

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