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OK... here’s an ad from me, like I’ve never posted before! .. :)
My name is Jen and I’m a multi talented lady.. mid 50’s (but don’t let that deter you... fun loving mind of a 30 year old, energetic, I’m attractive, slim and dress like a 25 year old, enjoying fashion and also can be very sophisticated, am conversant with the business world and am able to hold intelligent conversations, being pretty well educated.. :) I’m also empathetic and compassionate, having experienced many different situations in my life, so am also very open minded and try to find good humour in everyday life...
At present I’m desperately seeking work after renovating my own house, and need to earn to live.. having raised my family but divorced awhile ago..
I’m a Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator and have been passionate about creating images for around 12 years or so... would gladly show you my Portfolio if you are interested. I also do Photography and am available for Wedding photography, etc...
My other talents include: being an experienced Secretary/Office Administrator, have worked in Retailing... have the ability to sell (but would hate to have a Call Centre job, cold-calling people in their homes at inopportune times and perhaps receiving abuse.. I don’t need the stress of that kind of job, thanks!...)
I have done lots of DIY in my time, am a good painter and decorator, have good taste, love being creative... enjoy good conversation...
I can supply references and am looking for part-time or possibly full time work (weekdays) in the Norwich Area... anything considered and welcome.. from secretarial duties or a Virtual Assistant... to ideas and visual plans to creating new interior design for a room in your house, painting work, etc. I can turn my hand to virtually anything and am extremely adaptive and innovative..I know there are ‘niches’ out there for me and I need to find them....
I am looking for an hourly income of between £6.50 to £10.00 an hour, depending on expertise and effort involved... Painting or interior design would be at the further end of the scale..
If you think you have something that I could help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me, no matter how quirky or unusual... and we can surely discuss it!

PLEASE NOTE: Since posting this ad I've received some very suggestive/explicit texts and calls from various men. DO NOT contact me in any way if your interest is at all of a sexual nature... I already have a lovely man in my life and am definitely NOT interested in anyone else!!! Thanks..

Otherwise, any normal person can call or text me and leave a message on my Mobile and I will get back to you as soon as possible:



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