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Learn To Trade (KTAJ)

Financial freedom, extra income, retirement plan, broadening your horizons....whatever you want out of life, we can show you how to trade successfully enough to meet your goals.

Learn To Trade is Europe's largest trader coaching company (and Winner of World Finance Awards 2012 – Best FX Education Provider). We are running some completely free workshops to show you how you can get started, regardless as to whether you choose to trade full-time or part-time as a positive addition to your income.

No prior trading experience is needed to join our programmes, in fact some of our best traders started from scratch. Our professional traders offer a tailor-made path of education suited to your individual requirements.

In our free seminars our traders will give you an overview of basic Forex concepts and tell you why you should trade on the largest market in the world. You will be introduced to three different but equally powerful trading strategies and given an insight on how to find the best strategy to suit your daily routine. We will also explain the importance of minimising your risk, sharing our proven formula that ensures you will never risk more than 1%.

We do not charge for our seminars so it is a great opportunity to come by and meet some of our traders.

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We hope to see you soon!

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