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You will be joining our team at mycleveragency just in time for our move to our new offices in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Bespoke social media development is steadily becoming our most wanted product at mycleveragency, the demand now means we can expand our development team to cater for this. We also have a lot of development plans within mycleveragency. Your role will be to support our Head of Social Tech in delivering apps and support to our clients. It’s a proactive and demanding role, requiring meticulous planning, testing and implementation. The ideal candidate will have an enthusiastic interest in app development and the social web. By being a part of our relatively young but fast growing company you will be able to make a significant impact.

Essential Skills
• OOP with PHP5,
• Extremely comfortable working within a PHP, MySQL and Apache Environments
• Exceptional problem solver and logical thinker
• JavaScript frameworks like jQuery etc
• HTML and CSS up to the current versions HTML5 / CSS3
• Knowledge of working with XML, JSON and RESTful Web Services

Desirable Skills
• Development of apps for multilingual usage
• Knowledge of Facebook and Twitter’s API’s and developer platforms
• Knowledge of TDD
• Knowledge of versioning tools like GIT or Subversion
• A strong portfolio of personal project work utilising some or all of these essential skills
• Excellent written English
• Positive, quick learner and self-starter attitude with desire to exceed expectations and ability to work extended hours when required
• Attention to detail, highly organized, with an absolute focus on quality of work
Key Responsibilities
• Develop and implement bespoke web and social apps
• Liaise with the MCA team, clients and third party organizations to develop apps
• Keep up to date with the latest updates that affect any social network

To be submitted with cover letter
Please create using your skills a small program that mimics the functionality of a standard calculator that will run inside an internet browser.

Required features
• Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication
• Cancel Entry, Cancel All
• Memory and Memory Recall
• 0-9, decimal, +/-, % and = button
• Also an = button
Please use relevant comments in the code to show that you understand what your code is doing. When you submit your details to us please submit this as a zip/rar file. We will not be looking at design in this merely the functionality and your code. We are looking at your use of OOP and also some AJAX within here as we don’t want the page to refresh when calculating.

To apply for this role please reply to this advert.

Ad ID: 96009035