Jobs in London
Victoria Station, London

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The company on Employment
Mts Uk Ltd,35-37,Grosvenor Gardens,
London,sw1w0bs.We work 10 am to 5 pm.
Monday to Friday.

Workers are required
in London and in other the cities on:
Factory, warehouse, shop, 6-8ph
Building - all vacancies is, 7-16ph
Cleaning hotels, at home, offices, 6-9 ph
Restaurant, cafe - all vacancies, 6-16ph
Office work reception, accountant,
office manager, 8-18ph
The driver - B, C, E, salary 8-16ph
Car wash - 40 per day
Courses Security and Employment, 7-18ph
We provide housing, we register documents.
For more information about vacancies we provid at office.

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