IT Support
Romford, Essex

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

6 month contract
9 am – 5 pm (1hour break inclusive)
3 days a week (inclusive of Monday and Friday)
21 hours per week
You will be expected to do the following:
 Maintenance of all office computers
 Establishment & Maintenance of office server and computer network
 Systems Analysis, Programming & Development for Internal use
 Website Building & Maintenance
 Establishment of Database & Database Updating
 Maintenance of office Telephone System & All Electronic Equipments in the organisation
 Liaison with BT and other IT related services provider
 Production of video clips for insertion in website & its updating
 Archiving of all systems (IT) related data, software & hardware
 Storage of all IT/Office machines
 Ensuring regular archiving & Back-up of all data, information on daily basis (internally & with BT/Barclays or other agencies contracted by the company)
 Any other functions or task that may be assigned by Petroconsult Management
Minimum hourly rate £6.50

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