Independent distributor for FM cosmetics

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1053 days ago


What is your priority? extra income? financial freedom? owning a business? more spare time? personal development? helping others? meeting new people? early retirement? leaving a legacy?

RETAIL PROFIT - 25% to 33% profit on your own sales
VOLUME COMMISSION - 3% to 21% bonus on your own sales
TEAM COMMISSION - 3% to 21% bonus on team members sales
ORCHID BONUS - 1.5% to 9% share of worldwide bonus pool
CAR PROGRAMME - Qualify for a car!

Whatever your priority is, owning an FM business can provide you with a realistic opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals, literally, you can change your life! There is no pressure, no cold calling or door knocking (unless you want to!) just a simple and fun business opportunity which you can call your own.

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