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I am the area co-ordinator and organiser for The Highlands & Islands, for Edinburgh based Independence For Scotland.

We are currently arranging an independence march/rally through Edinburgh on 22nd September 2012.

We urgently require volunteers to promote in all areas across The Highlands & Islands.

We require people who are pro-independence for Scotland, and ideally members of the SNP.

The ideal person will be enthusiastic, energetic and have a few hours each week to spare.

The role may include:

1.Recruit people from their area to support independence for Scotland. Take note of their names and contact details so as to keep them informed of developments. This can be done via the regional volunteers or directly from our HQ.

2.Fundraise. A campaign and a march cost money to administer and hold. We desperately need to fundraise for this. We would hope each volunteer could hold fundraising events in their area thereby raising the vital funds but also publicising the campaign when holding them.

3.PR. Passing on information to local media. Regular Press Releases will be given out to all volunteers and it is hoped they can pass them onto all local media outlets. Also they can post these in local forums and newsletters to highlight the campaign to as many people as possible.

4.Coordinating with local SNP branches to get support from MP’s MSP’s and Councillors. Support and help will be given to do this.

5.Finding Scottish celebrities to support the campaign.

6.Finding Scottish bands to play on March Day.

7.Finding pipers/pipe bands to play on March Day.

8.Look for local companies to sponsor banners, posters etc for the march whilst offering them coverage to promote their company when supporting us. Support will be given to do this.

9.Sourcing supportive companies for equipment loan or keenly priced equipment for the March Day. Items required e.g. loud-halers, sounds systems, wheelchair loans.

10.Databasing people who would need assistance to go to the march e.g. wheelchair bound, less able people who need some support to allow them to attend.

11.Keeping a running count of the people who are attending the march from your set area and recruiting as many people as possible to attend.

12.Sourcing supportive coach companies who may donate coaches for people to attend the march in their local areas.

On pre march day and actual March Day we will require:

1.Coordinators to help organise the day and the pre march set up.
2.Stewards to assist police with crowd control and walking alongside the march.
3.First aiders to assist St Johns Ambulance.
4.Volunteers who will be happy to speak on behalf of the campaign to the media.
5.Volunteers to assist the less able people attending the march.
6.Fundraising on the day – by bucket collection, side stalls etc.
7.Meeting and greeting speakers.
8.Assisting in liasing with emergency services.
9.Post March clean up.

More information will be sent upon application of this role and on successful hiring.

Please e-mail your application stating what you can offer us in the way of volunteering for us and if you have any previous skills in event management/organising and if you have local business contacts ect.

Please see our website fore more information:

Ad ID: 94918856