Hi i am an 23 year old male, looking for full time work

north west london
1165 days ago


Hi i am an 23 year old male looking for full-time work,

i am a very quick learner, also very good with my hands, a jack of all traits
i am very approachable, and have no problem talking to people, also i have, great customer service skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.

i have experience in the retail sector and also security, as retail security, private hire security, and events security, also i have had a couple of temp, waiting, bar tending, and bar backing roles, i also have a few years in experience in the construction sector heavy and light, other then that, also painting, decorating, and interior designing.

i am currently working as an retail security officer, but i am looking to move to a different sector due to the fact that i feel that it doesn't meet up to my expectations of life.

i am 6.2

Ad ID: 96611795