Here's a challenge for all you Media employers!

1142 days ago


I am writing this as I am totally fed up, after four years of absolute personal hell which hopefully is coming to an end as I was born in The Chinese Year of the Dragon where we now are and the year 2000 was good to me.

Anyway I have decided (rightly or wrongly) that this approach might be all that's left to me for the time being as I cast my net as far as I can.

I am a white full blooded half English/Irish male for which i am not going to apologise for(take note BBC). Indeed everytime I turn on the TV or Radio these days I see and hear nothing but 'Wannabees' with less talent in their whole body than i have in my little finger.

But that's another story, life is tough and good luck to anyone who makes a success of themselves wherever or whatever they do.

I am a very young (looking and thinking) 47 years old who has a history in Media as well as being a rock singer, DJ, Hospital radio, kids entertainer, auctioneer, compare, host, newspaper journalist, advertising sales rep. and copywriter.

The reason for this post is I've just had it with trying to apply through two faced recruitment agencies 'can you sell me this pen?' sales managers and generally dillusional target driven publication people.

Middle management seem to have a problem with me as do insecure, backstabbing ambitious colleagues.On the other hand big bosses seem to love me and get me, so that's who i am appealing to now.

I have no illusions about myself or my abilities as all the local schools and charities who annually use me for their various events will verify and we are talking 'Posh Surrey' here!

I am a team player who is fiercely loyal , hardworking with a great sense of humour( well i think so) which apparently is out of touch with todays facist PC brigade.

Oh but don't get me wrong here in no way am i ever racist , sexist or prejudice in any way shape or form In fact i worship woman respect all people whatever their colour, creed or race and have no qualms about anyones sexuality.

Sure i came from a big family where teasing was part of life , sure my sense of humour derives from 'Carry on' films and James Bond one liners...I am the Gene Hunt of Media Sales 'it's lunchtime and today we are 'avin Hoops'

The recession has hit a lot of industries badly and people are tightening their purse strings and being very selective in appointments, However i believe I am an incredibly creative person who's talents and skills are being wasted could really benefit the right company on many levels.

I am not conceited or greedy, all I want is a job with a circa of £25-30k Mon-Friday ( i don't care how long I have to work or where I have to travel to) so long as I can have my weekends back to spend with my beautiful understanding (Polish) wife of twenty years and my two magnificently, independent, fun bi-lingual children.

I am not frightened of hard work either and positively relish a challenge. I have worked for many publications and well known people (celebs do not impress or faze me)but they include Ant and Dec, Marco Piere White , The Evening Standard and Newsquest South london where my sales skills and creative imput had me up for London Sales person of the year 2007.

In sales as in life there are many ways and methods to achieve success but ultimately I believe 'people buy from people' indeed I was even approached recently and asked If i wanted to be an Escort for 'posh' business woman flying into Gatwick Airport...For the record my wife said I should 'Go for it'

In closing I would like to add this is as serious an application as it is open I am ready and able to start work immediately and my CV is available on request,

Media employers over to you!
Kind regards

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