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We have a product available that is now available to Heating Engineers to supply to your customers giving them huge savings on their bills.LPG - SAVINGS CAN BE AS HIGH AS 40% ! You can register for free with us enabling you to purchase our products at wholesale prices and then making a 100% profit we have been in business for 10 years now and you will be provided with testimonials from a variety of businesses including Public Houses, schools, offices, Cathedrals,Churches,Fast food outlets,cricket clubs,and more.

You can also show publicans how to save money on their Line Cleaning a potential saving of thousands for them every year.

Also anyone with a car or van how they can make huge savings on their fuel costs .

I have attached a heating testimonial below

Champneys operate a number of fitness and well-being resorts in the UK
and Europe.
Following the fitting of a MTC40 fuel conditioner to their boiler, a 25%
saving on oil has been confirmed by Stan Bartosz (Maintenance Manager)
& Philippa Thompson (General Manager).

The MTC40 (pair) was fitted onto the fuel
pipe (flexi-pipe) supplying oil to this
Hoval Euro-SR boiler supplying hot
water and central heating at the resort.

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