FUNDING AVAILABLE NOW! Get Back to Work Programme! Looking For Work? New Business Idea? We Can Help.

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Get Back to Work Programme!

• Are you un-employed and looking for work?

• Are you working part or full time and would like a change in career?

• Thinking of starting your own business?

The ‘Get Back to Work’ programme (also known as G.B.W) has secured over £1,000,000.00 (one million pounds) of funding for individuals aged 16 to 55 years. This is to help you get back into employment or to even set up your own business!

The G.B.W also includes a guaranteed job offer or business start up - upon completion of the programme.


Positions Are Available On The pilot Scheme Now! With, Guaranteed Funding.

Please register your interest by emailing your full name and location or (C.V)
By clicking on the Gumtree email link above.
All applicants will be replied too.


Below is Tom Silks’ exclusive interview with entrepreneur Matt Parker – Founder of the G.B.W Programme.

TS: Hello Matt, first let me thank you for your time and talking to me today about your new project – Get Back to Work Programme.

MP: Good Morning Tom, not a problem! Hopefully the interview will help answer some individuals’ questions in regards to the course.

Q: What is the Get Back to Work Programme (G.B.W)?
A: The G.B.W is a brand new; step by step course. There is no other course like the G.B.W Programme out there – it is literally the first of its kind! It is aimed at every individual aged 16 years and over, all of whom are either wishing to get back in to work / working part/full time and would like a change of career or even for those who are wanting to set up their own business but do not have the funds or correct knowledge to do so.

Q: When is the G.B.W due to start?
A: Now! We are currently running a pilot scheme throughout the UK which has successfully secured funding to help individuals participate in the course.

Q: Who is actually funding the project?
A: The funding has been secured from businesses located in the same areas as our pilot schemes right throughout the UK. Fortunately for the public, private companies have taken the lead to sponsor an individual to complete the G.B.W programme (some companies are providing funding for up to 150 students, where as other companies are providing for 10 students to take part). This is all to help regenerate business and employment in their local area.

Q: What will the participants cover in the G.B.W programme?
Many different topics will be getting covered but here a few examples:
• Entrepreneur skills and tactics.
• Understanding the running of a business including (but not limited to): tax, grants, loans, company formations, getting the best from your staff, organisational skills, building a successful work force at a low cost, new idea’s and seeing them through.
• Building a network of determined like minded people.
• The ‘Thin Slice’ approach towards achieving your goals.
• What businesses are looking for.
• How to make any business or ideas unique.
• Reacting and communicating with customers.
• Finding new customers to funnel into your business as well as retaining your current clients.
• How to outsource work for a low cost.
• The ‘Do Something’ approach.
• The most useful contacts any individual/business owner needs.
• Opportunities, how to spot and take advantage of them.
• How to utilize social networks-the do’s and don’ts!
• Accountants, who to use and why?
• Different qualifications, which ones will aid you and which ones that are totally unnecessary.

Q: How much is the course and how much funding is available?
A: The complete course is £2,499 and funding is limited to the pilot scheme only. Many companies we work with are willing to sponsor an individual in their area to participate in the course. Businesses are currently investing £2,400 (per a person) toward their course fee’s, in order to help people get back into employment or to set up their own business. The £99 shortfall is payable by the student-this shows willingness to learn and commitment to the programme; Thus ensuring that their company’s funds are distributed to the correct candidates.

Q: Is there any employment opportunities from this course?
A: During the course there will be many opportunities to work alongside a multitude of businesses on a work placement basis. These are the businesses that have funded towards the success and growth of our students in hope that they can offer employment positions upon completion of the course. In addition, there is also funding available for participants who are wishing to set up their own business; either with their own idea’s or with some concepts taken away from the G.B.W programme.

TS: Well Matt, thank you for your time and I must say I am really excited to see how the G.B.W Programme develops. You have me convinced (and I have seen a multitude of various courses) that this is a fantastic plan. In my opinion this is definitely what the country needs in order to make a difference throughout the UK. I particularly like the concept of businesses and the local community working together in order to combat the unemployment rate – without the funding from the businesses a lot of these individuals would of never been able to participate in this course. Obviously with your experience there is not a better person to lead this programme!
Good luck Matt and all those fortunate to be involved in the G.B.W Programme!

MP: Thank you for your kind words and support Tom, we will keep you updated on the progress of the G.B.W Programme!

Positions Are Available On The pilot Scheme Now! With, Guaranteed Funding.

Please register your interest by emailing your full name and location or (C.V)
By clicking on the Gumtree email link above.
All applicants will be replied too.

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