Full time brazilian nanny- From October 2012

1032 days ago


Nanny looking for a family for full time work.

I believe that looking after your children requires more that love children, I believe in getting on with their parents as well.

If you are a family that wants someone that is keen on learn and reflect whatever ideology/plans they have to their children.

I know my place and will dress aproprietly, an not going to disturb when you what me to pass unseen, whilst you discuss your personal/family matters, or are with guests, I know when to keep quiet, and I prefer you telling me what you like or not, so I can fulfil what is not going wrong with what is right.

I won't have an issue with your believes or religion, whatever you want me to say or not to the children I am going to.

I don't drive, but am working on it.

To me it is only worthy to work with people that trust me to feed their children, take them to doctor's if necessary when parents are not available, and make the small everyday decisions, I am not a robot nanny who will not use my brain, I need a family that
can understand that.

I have no problem if you child has issues with eating, doing homework or swimming for example, as I am very capable to easily learn the best way to interact with them and working with you build up their confidence and wiliness.My only request is that I can communicate with the parents openly.

I am very flexible and am going to be available for years, so if you travel or need me to stay with the children, you can be sure they will be treated the closest to what you have as ideal possible, and you will get the feedback on the daily basis.

I am looking to have separate weeks holidays every year to see my family, that would be about every 3 months.

I prefer separate accommodation, that will lead me to recharge and focus for the next day.

I have about 10 years experience, although I am mid 30's

My salary will be negotiated after your requests and location information, but be aware I am not looking for a place to live only, I love the work but I also need to save for my future.

If after all my open description you are interested, please do not hesitate to send me some information on your family.

I am happy to do a trial but only from late September, as I am solving some personal matters.

If you want to know about my grammar level, it's just as above, nobody helped me on writing this description.

I did my masters in UK.

I am looking forward to hear from you, and answer any questions.

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