French female erasmus student, looking for a part time job asap

University Road
1184 days ago



I am truly looking for a job. I’m really motivated and serious, and a very fast learning person. I have really good relationships with people, and I do love improving myself in various fields.

I used to work in a school catering area for a summer job, I also worked as a cleaner and in various jobs which require to be fast, and smiling under pressure.
But I am absolutely ready for anything else you can offer me to do.

Unfortunately, I don't have any car here. I'm actually living at College Gardens, near to the Queen's University. But walking it’s absolutely not a problem for me.

My classes only start on the 30th of January, so I'm free until this time, and even, I could go to work during the year, since my schedules let me free on Thursday afternoon, and Friday, and the week-end as well.
I am ready to work more if needed.

Thanks a lot, hope hearing from you soon!

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