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Journalism is one of the few industries where talented, creative and well-qualified people are expected to work without pay as much as staff members to gain enough experience to get them into what is usually initially a poorly paid job.

Don’t get us wrong work placements in newsrooms are invaluable experience and you'll learn a lot about the industry and what you can expect in your first job as a trainee. is designed to complement work experience - here you learn to write. You can write about what you love, get constructive feedback on every story from professional journalists and editors whether we publish it or not - and most importantly get paid for stories we publish.

Your stories edited by friendly professional journalists and editors who will give you genuine, constructive feedback and support

Paid for your published stories

You retain all rights to your stories

You retain ownership of all the work you get published - and if another magazine or newspaper wants to publish your story we will happily take it down from Byline

Opportunity to write about what you want (no coffee mornings or obituaries, unless you’re into those kinds of things!)

Practice your writing as much as you want don’t get out of the habit in the holidays or once you’ve finished uni

We'll pitch suitable stories to national magazines and newspapers on your behalf

Your work promoted across the industry to regional and national media

If you're good and you write often enough for us we'll give you a reference when you apply for jobs

Direct email addresses to ask editors questions, and for help writing stories

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