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Hi Everyone,
A few months ago I realised that something needed to be done, I was working 9-5 Monday to Friday just to pay the bills, with very little to live on.
I decided to look at every bill I had and try to reduce this. I have detailed below how much I have saved on each of my various bills. I hope you find this helpful.

Mortgage - I switched my mortgage to a new lender and saved £40 per month. I had just been on the lenders variable rate, which I didn't realise had been put up. Please check this as although the bank rate hasn't went up some lenders have put theirs up. Cost to do this £0

Life Insurance - I switched this over to a different provider and saved £10 per month, it turned out I didn't even have enough cover to pay off my mortgage as I had increased my mortgage a few years ago. Cost to do this £0

Electricity - Switched providers, estimated saving of £12 per month. Cost to do this £0

Gas - Switched Gas providers, estimated saving of £10 per month. Cost to do this £0

Satellite TV - Cancelled my monthly subscription saving £60 per month. When you think about it, unless you watch alot of sports most of the channels you watch will be on Freeview anyway. I did purchase a Freeview recorder ( refurbished ) for £20.

Broadband - Cancelled my broadband as I was mostly using my iphone for the internet anyway, saving £13 per month.

I usually compare my car and home insurance anyway so haven't included these.

Also its a good idea to phone your local citizens advice bureau for free information on any benefits you may be entitled too.

All of this was done through a few phone calls - except for the mortgage and Life Insurance were an Independent Financial Adviser called out to the house to sort this out. He is free as he receives commission from the lender. If anyone wants his details please drop me an email.

All in all I have saved £145 per month!!!
Thats £1740 per year!!

Please feel free to respond with any questions


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