For Hire: Housekeeper, Cook, Childminder or Pet-carer.

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1150 days ago


Hello to busy parents, single parents, elderly who need assistance to stay in your home, bachelors and flatmates who can't get the housework shared properly. Rose, homemaker, here to your rescue.

I'm looking for work doing what I do best: keeping your house in pristine condition. I am a clean person by nature, and fast and efficient. I am also a great home-style cook, making all my meals from scratch with no additives. I make excellent vegetarian meals too. I am capable and reliable with little children and older ones, I have many little cousins and nieces. I could pick up and walk kids home from school, get the groceries, cook dinner for everyone. I can run errands and assist with grocery shopping for the elderly, or prepare proper meals for you or for your loved parents. I can mind pets in your home whilst you are on holiday or whilst doing the chores. I do the cleaning no one else can see, but you will notice the difference in your house when it sparkles.

I am looking for city centre work which will allow me my independence and to use my initiative in the household as I am brilliant at working out what needs done, sorting, organising and multi-tasking. The photos show some of my favourite meals, and the standard I keep house to. My rate is £7.50 per hour which is negotiable depending on what tasks you require me to undertake. Please ring or email me to ask more questions.

Note: As at the 20th April I currently have three time slots available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9am to 1pm and Thursday mornings/lunchtimes 9am to 2pm. I can also work occasional or one-off jobs on the weekend. Please do call me if this advertisement has filtered down as it is still active and my availability changes every few weeks. Thank-you, Rose.

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