Fantastic New Business Opportunity / Regional Directors required.

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Opportunities like this do not come along very often and it is imperative that we
find the right people across the Uk to join our team of Licensees.

The product .

You may be aware of the massive overcharging on lease agreements in both the Private and Public sector which has been in the national press and also the subject of two BBC programmes recently. This has resulted in many organisations wanting to have their lease agreements audited to establish whether they are fair and reasonable.
Our Lease Auditing System is able to forensically audit lease agreements and subsequently produce a report highlightng any irregularities and if there are we will endeavour to get the money back.

There are many complex legal arguments but our panel of solicitors and barristers will prepare the case and seek compensation for the clients.

A particular area of concern is the photocopier and telecommunications market and we have had schools and businesses that have been overcharged up to £500K on rolled up lease agreements over the past few years.

You as a Licensee will hold the title of Regional Director .... with postcode exclusivity but does not preclude you working across the UK.
Ideally you will be a well connected networker in the local business community and ablle to introduce our Lease Auditing Service to the local businesses, schools , colleges, NHS, Charities etc . You simply need to obtain a copy of the organisations lease agreements and forward them to HQ for audit. If overcharges are found we will engage the client and help them get their money back. We charge a nominal engagement fee and take a back end %age but the client will benefit .

You are rewarded up front and more significantly back end and will build up a significant income as more and more cases are introduced .

Our Licensing Director will recruit the network from his base in Northampton and full training will take place at our Head Office in Solihull , West Midlands.
This will include laptop/ stationery / marketing material / ...... and leads into your local authority to present our service.

Earnings could be life changing to the right people so contact me by email with a brief resume and your contact details and I will be in touch.

THE LEASING ADVISORY SERVICE has recently appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live and ITV highlighting the quite astonishing leasing issues in the public and private sector. Please contact and I will forward all the links so you can get a feel for this unique opportunity.

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