Experienced hard working mother looking for suitable employment

Crewe Toll, Edinburgh
1162 days ago



I am using Gumtree to hopefully find suitable employment, and in turn whoever hires me will gain a reliable hard working individual that will always give 100%. I have many years experience working in retail and hospitality.

My name is Kasia and I have lived in the UK for many years, so I am fluent in English. I have two children, one at school and a toddler. I have a nursery place for my youngest every Monday and Friday. I am looking for a position that will allow to work both these days 9-5. I am waiting for nursery space so my daughter can attend more that the current two days. This will then allow me to work more hours than I can at present.

I am open to opportunities, but a job in retail, hospitality, care or cleaning would be my preferred areas. I can assure you that in hiring me, you will get a great employee. I believe a job is to be done it must be done right. I have management experience but I am willing to enter you company and learn from your experienced employees. Please send me an email with your company's details and I can forward you my c.v. or I will give you a call.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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