Experienced chauffeur & gardener/grower seeking f/t or p/t work

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I am looking to relocate to the Hampshire area and while I am seeking full-time work, I will also consider working 2 or 3 whole days a week part-time.

I am an experienced chauffeur as well as a gardener/grower. I am also happy to take a post with accommodation.

During the last 13 years I have worked as a chauffeur, gardener and grower and as a chauffeur I have driven all over the UK with VIP’s and CEO’s etc.

As a gardener duties have included: tending large lawns on ride-on mowers; using chainsaws on larger trees; managing pests (insect and animal) and weed control. I have used hedge trimmers, strimmers and all the usual garden tools. I have pollarded trees, managed shrubs and herbaceous perennials, cared for driveways, paths, fencing, boundary ditches, ponds and tennis courts.

I have maintained exterior buildings (fire-proofing wooden structures with intumescent paint, replacing roofing and glazing as well as general building repairs. I have also tended greenhouses - replaced glazing and assembled greenhouses from scratch). Having worked for myself as a painter I have often painted interiors and exteriors of properties. I am used to long hours and working in all weather conditions. I studied horticulture at college and am familiar with plants, and duties in the greenhouse.

In between work I have been restoring a large vicarage garden where I am currently living here in Worcestershire (Pershore Abbey Vicarage - references available), and have removed and pruned trees, tended the vine and roses, completely dug out large beds and replanted them, grown over 1000 herbaceous perennials annually, managed and grown shrubs, and ornamental grasses, managed weeds and used various types of garden machinery.

I have also managed the garden wildlife - frogs, toads, hedgehogs and birds. I have planted insect-friendly plants and kept native species in the garden in certain areas. I have maintained the wildlife pond, greenhouses, and old trained apple trees which are old varieties.

The garden receives a lot of visitors as there is an office in the house for Pershore Abbey. The garden is opened as part of the 'Open Gardens' scheme and for various local events and celebrations related to the abbey (including weddings). As a consequence I am used to dealing with members of the public and their inquiries.

I have worked previously as a manager, as well as in investigative roles and am used to managing and inspiring staff.

I am single, a non-smoker, have no pets and like the quiet life. I love playing golf, going to the theatre and love classical music. I would like to continue studies part-time in the evening to update my skills.

Please contact me if you would like further details.


Anthony Sheraton

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