Drivers on a part time basis

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1029 days ago


we are looking for owner drivers to deliver goods whilst driving from A to B. Turn empty vehicle space into cash delivering goods en route to your travel destination, reclaim fuel and motoring costs whilst staying en route.

You do not have to be a professional courier, or have specialist courier insurance, volunteer drivers are able to receive 45p per mile on the initial 10000 miles, reducing to 25p per mile thereafter.

Search deliveries by inputting your vehicle size and travel route, i.e London - Birmingham (Estate vehicle) - bid for deliveries that suit, or accept the move-it-now price offered by the sender.....

Verified drivers receive 100 per cent of their earnings, so if you bid £33 and it's accepted, you'll receive £33

Please also list deliveries with us, occupy the empty vehicle space of motorists headed in the same direction as your delivery items - start today : www imoveit co uk

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