Developer Needed for Free Culture Music Project (Sadly UNPAID)

West End
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1179 days ago


Hi there,

I'm trying to find a developer who is interested in the idea of turning open source philosophy to music making. Looking to make a user-network, or at least a prototype, but not really sure of the ins and outs of it, this being more than a wee bit above my horrible HTML skills.

Looking to get involved / collaborate on all aspects of this- I can do designy things, conceptual stuff, copy, all the rest, and I've got a bit of legal background in this field, but basically looking for someone who is a developer comfortable in php (as much as possible preferably, I think what I'm looking for is pretty complicated) and good banter.

Unfortunately I can't pay for this project, but there might be possibilities to monetise if the idea works and takes off.

Get in touch if you want more details, cheers!

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