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A Data Entry Processor/Home Typist

position requires that you have a reliable computer with constant Internet access and

capabilities, a valid E-mail account, basic Internet knowledge, and minimal typing skills.

You must also be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner. This includes

having excellent grammar and spelling when communicating with clients via E-mail.

In addition to the above requirements, you MUST be able to follow instructions closely

and completely! You will do all contact via E-mail, so you will not be required to call

anyone at anytime. This allows you to work whichever hours are most convenient for

you (days, night, or weekends). You will be processing applications, as well as filling out

forms in specific company databases (this tends to be tedious at times, so please be

sure that you have the patience to do so before proceeding).

This is why you will need to have basic Internet knowledge, though the training provided

will give you step-by-step instructions on how to perform these tasks properly.

There are no “down-times” with this position, so you will have a constant flow of work to

complete. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, so if that is what you are

looking for please do not pursue this opportunity.

You will be paid £10.00 ($18.80, €14.72) for each application completed.

The amount of money you make each week is entirely up to you, and how much time

and effort you are willing to put in with this position.

Þ The average person makes £250.00 ($470.06, €368.04) - £500.00 ($940.120,

€736.084)each week

When you have been accepted as a Data Entry Clerk/Home Typist, you are considered

an Independent Contractor. This means that your taxes will not be taken out; therefore,

you will not be provided with any tax forms. THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR

RESPONSIBILITY. The training provided will go more information about what to do with

your taxes.

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