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Job Title: Community Gardener

Responsible To:

Salary: Programme Manager
£22,000 – £23, 200 (depending on experience), full time (35 hours per week)

Purpose Of the Job: We are looking to recruit a Community Gardener to lead and manage volunteers in the 1 acre community garden on a daily basis. The gardener will also be expected to liaise with volunteer referral groups, host group / school workshops and assist plot holders in the maintenance of community allotments from time to time.

Key Tasks, Responsibilities and Activities

1) Development and Maintenance of the Garden
• Coordinating the ongoing planting, weeding, feeding, pruning and harvesting of all the (30+) vegetables, and other plants in the one acre garden site.
• Keeping a comprehensive visual and written plan of the garden
• Practising the organic principles of soil building, conservation, and pest management through the practice of crop rotation, companion planting, and the use of natural fertilizers, pesticides and mulches.
• Working with the cook to practise proper storage methods for all excess garden produce.
• Prioritising weekly garden tasks for the volunteers and volunteer groups who participate.
• Developing new areas of the garden – constructing raised beds, building wildlife habitats etc.
• Increasing the biodiversity of the garden by building bird boxes, wild areas and hibernation habitats.
• Taking inventory and ordering seeds and garden equipment as needed.
• Monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the garden projects.

2) Community Engagement
• Seeking out new local volunteers through various methods – postering, newsletters, website, and face-to-face engagement.
• Liaising with different referral groups such in order to recruit possible volunteers.
• Developing specific engagement strategies for different groups i.e. kids groups, women’s groups, elderly groups.
• Raising awareness in local communities about events and opportunities for involvement.
• Regularly requesting feedback from participants and incorporating feedback into the development of the garden/project.
• Hosting regular school group visits; developing interesting and interactive activities for each session.
• Hosting regular visits from the health sector; developing appropriate and interesting activities in accordance with the ability levels of each group.

3) Volunteer Coordination
• Providing an induction for each new volunteer including: an explanation of the project; a garden tour; an introduction to staff; an overview of the volunteer policy; an explanation of health and safety procedures, and the filling out of personal details, volunteer agreement and equal opportunities monitoring forms.
• Supervising, overseeing and acting as main contact for all garden volunteers.
• Encouraging volunteers to take initiative, work independently and supporting them in trying new activities.
• Motivating volunteers through recognition and feedback and encouraging them to take ownership of the garden or areas of the garden.
• Ensuring garden tasks are suited to the volunteers carrying them out and that opportunities for feedback and training are provided.
• Updating and informing volunteer policies and documents when needed.
• Monitoring and recording all volunteer activity in the garden.

Skills and Experience Required

1. Effective people management skills.
2. Ability to work with a wide range of users and local people.
3. Hands on experience in land management and gardening.
4. Assist with the preparation of briefs, progress reports, final reports, applications and other reporting.
5. Experience of project administrative, reporting & monitoring procedures.
6. IT skills in MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
7. Accurate record keeping.
8. Experience of planning, organising and delivering community projects, activities/events.
9. Excellent time management, prioritisation and organisational skills.
10. Excellent written, presentational and verbal communication skills.
11. Flexible, confident, self motivated and of cheerful disposition.
12. Team player, open, friendly, positive and participative.
13. High level of energy and commitment appropriate to a growing charity.

Please send a full covering letter demonstrating that you have the qualities the job calls for and a CV

PVG Scheme membership will be requested from the successful candidate – the expense of which will be met by the employer.

Closing date: 23/12/2012

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