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Learning Team Coach


VISION Learning Teams is a systematic programme for transforming customers into promoters. The Learning Teams Coach designs a programme which establishes a powerful, trackable index that measures the promoter strength of the customer base and, using Commitment based Management, transforms customer-facing teams into promoter creators. VISION Learning Team Coaches are assigned a number of people on each project who participate in learning team sessions, and are responsible for the transformation of team members.

Learning Teams Coaches excel in listening for difference (for the unexpected) and taking it seriously, in holding open questions until discussion yields useful results, in identifying and modifying group moods, at stimulating candid discussion, and challenging others to move out of their comfort zones.


 Public speaking , leading presentations or leading discussions
 Managing teams under stressful conditions
 Business acumen and experience in both sales and service environments
 Making regular individual assessments of employees or others
 Must be able to travel throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe


The successful candidates will be required to work at various locations throughout the UK and Europe, therefore flexbility and the ability to travel are essential.


 Degree educated
 Preferably having a professional qualification in coaching, counselling, organisational learning or adult learning disciplines
 From the top 20 universities or similar


 Graduate with 3-4 years’ experience in sales and service organisations
 Must have experience in leading individual and group coaching interventions
 Experience of organisational change and be enthused by the opportunity to draw on their skills in client’s sales and service environments
 Preferably experienced in action research / action learning
 Experience in facilitating workshops
 Experience in change management


 People who love former experiences of transformation and can connect personal and organisational change
 People who can listen to others with a literary sensitivity that picks out hidden virtues and underlying concerns
 Those who can nurture the insights of others in a group
 Those who write well (thoughtful, clear, grammatically correct prose) and can write and speak persuasively
 Strong platform capability in terms of public speaking, commanding attention in a room of widely varying individuals, managing the mood of a room in addition to being comfortable and interesting in their delivery
 Strong capability in relating well to customer-facing sales and service operators through to middle and senior managers
 Must remain current in business publications and read widely


 Courage
 Intelligence
 Persistence
 Openness
 Sensitivity to conflicting meanings
 Care for others
 Resilience
 Exceptional vigour (to handle the consulting lifestyle)

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