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Interested in becoming a foster carer for the National Fostering Agency? Call us on 0845 200 4040.

The most important requirements for fostering are that you have time, energy and commitment to care for children and young people in a safe environment.

• To become a foster parent or carer, you can be married, co-habiting, single or divorced.

• Couples will need to arrange their working hours so that one carer can be available full time.

• Single foster carers will need to be at home full-time, or have flexible, part-time employment.

• You may be a home owner or a tenant.

• You will need a spare bedroom for the exclusive use of the foster child.

• We welcome applications from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

In addition to receiving training, you will receive a fostering allowance when a child is in your care, which may be exempt from tax.

If you are interested in finding out more, we would be happy to tell you more about applying. Please call us on 0845 200 4040 and help make a difference today.

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