Balloonologist (Customer Sales Advisor if you prefer!)
Blackfield, Southampton

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Signature Balloons is an award winning, growing business selling promotional balloons, balloon gas and everything else balloons! We are located in 3 converted farm units in the New Forest. There are 5 of us in the team and we need another Balloonologist (or Customer Sales Advisor if you prefer!) to help grow the business further. A Balloonologist is knowledgeable about balloons. Don’t worry - full training given!

This really is not just another customer service role; you will play an important part in growing the business.

So, what about the job itself...

The job is:

. Customer focused - always!
. Varied and fast moving
. Pressured at times
. May involve driving a van in the future

The job isn’t:

. The same every day
. Boring
. Easy

You will be:

. Genuinely customer focused.
. Able to answer the phones and emails confidently and knowledgeably.
. Organised.
. Able to make awesome tea!
. Happy to confidently speak with people of every level from someone’s Grandma to a Company Director.
. 100% confident using a computer and technology for communication, shopping, socially. You are most likely the sort of person that uses their own computer and the internet every day.
. A perfectionist when it comes to grammar and spelling!
. More than willing to get your hands dirty - packing, cleaning, etc.
. Someone with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.
. Able to juggle many tasks with tight deadlines and still remain calm.
. Looking to have fun at work, happy to laugh at yourself and enter into office banter. But also get the job done.
. A car owner with a full, clean driving licence.
. Confident enough to learn from them.
. Someone who questions the way things are done and comes up with new solutions.
. Confident to make informed business decisions.
. Someone that likes daily challenges.
. Pro-active.
. Enjoys being part of a close, and young / young at heart team.
. Happy to collate data using spreadsheets and other ‘less frontline’ tasks!
. Able to analyse data and use spreadsheets.
. Happy to cross the courtyard to use the loo!
. You don’t necessarily have to have office experience but must have the personality and skills listed here.

What you will not be:

. Stuck in your ways.
. Someone that doesn’t use a computer every day.
. Constantly needing instruction.
. Afraid of balloons.
. Allergic to latex!

What you will experience:

. Initial fear when you realise how much there is to learn!
. Sense of accomplishment when you start to get it.
. Bad singing.
. Pressure, particularly with tight deadlines.
. Appreciation.
. Office banter.
. Chilly loo (in winter).
. High energy when we are busy! Feel the buzz.

What we can offer:

- Full time position - 40hr per week.
- Starting salary of £13,500pa with potential to increase salary based on performance.
. Free parking.
. Free refreshments.
. Regular performance reviews.
. Very bad jokes.
. A small team where your ideas and suggestions are valued and your commitment rewarded.
. £100 of balloons and accessories a year.
. Target-hitting team rewards.
. A busy but fun environment where time at work will never drag!

If you think you are the sort of person that would fit in well with our Signature family of Balloonologists, are ready for a challenge and a great opportunity to make a difference in a fast growing business, we would like to hear from you.

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