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1164 days ago


Hey Girlies...

Would you like to earn up to £50+ cash-in-hand per night for doing 3 hours 'work'/FUN!?

It's easy peasy to become part of the Ann Summers Team!

There are 3 job roles you can apply from, depending on which one you wanna choose...

1. An Organiser- Be a party organiser like me? ...Where you book parties in and then go and do them, you get full training on how to, get a £500 kit of lingerie & toys to start you off and support throughout. You can recruit girls yourself to make your own team (and even go for a managerial job with a company car), go door 2 door like Avon do, put posters up, canvass in your local Ann Summers shop, sell on facebook, other sites, via tx anything? You make 30% commission on what you sell. As much or as little as you want. As often or as less frequently as you want- must be banking at least £10 a month though to keep your account active. Be part of a great team!! :)

2. Catalogue Chics- Sell lingerie, toys etc. from our catalogue. You'll get 25% commission from it then. As much or as little as you want. As often or as less frequently as you want :)

3. Party Princess- Advertise by any means possible about booking a party with me, then every party you book for me- I'll give you 10% commission of what I earn at that party.

Ideal for every woman, you pick the hours you want to work around your life and your commitments (children/other jobs/education/family). The 3 different job roles you can choose from range from working via computer & mobile, to active party planning- the possibilities are endless and are there to suit your needs. Must be 18+ to work for Ann Summers.

Just either give me a call/text on 07401183038, add me on Facebook (AnnSummers Melody) or email me.

Thank you, looking forward to welcoming you to our team x x x

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