3 years+ experiences nanny - Fluently speaking French and English

Kings Cross, London
1080 days ago



My name is Phuong, I have more than 3 years experiences as a nanny and working with children.

My recently job as a nanny has just finished last week because the little boy’s parents had some financial problems so now the mother stays at home to look after him. I arranged playdates for him, took him to museums, swimming pool, playgroups and give him plenty of outdoor exercise. I'm interested in art and entertainment so always looking for something new for children do so they can learn from that. Before I was nanny for a 3 years old boy and 4 years old girl in Vietnam. I also had experiences as a French teacher at a children pre-school and also in a volunteer organisation.

I can speak French and English fluently. I love childcare job and I know how to listen to them, being patient, kind and gentle with children.

To describe myself, I can say I am a happy person, self-motivated and energetic. I am also a good cook.

I am looking for a part-time/fulltime nanny job so please contact me via email if you need to see my CV and references.

I am looking forward to hear from any possible opportunities.

Best regards,


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