Yamaha fx500

Langside, Glasgow £90.00
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589 days ago


If you have ever heard slowdive then you have heard the fx500 - soft focus. This pedal is in perfect condition. Search You Tube to see it in action. Comes in the original box.

Reluctant sale due to house move.

Here is what they say at Yamaha:
Preset Effect Selection

Choose from 60 wide-ranging preset effect programs.

Custom Effect Creation

Program custom effects, modifying compression, distortion, equalization, modulation, and the reverb/delay effect stages, storable at memory locations 60 - 90.


Produces sustain or simple "smoothing" by compressing the signal so that high levels are suppressed while low levels are effectively boosted.


Digitally produces smooth, rich distortion that can be adjusted to achieve an extremely wide variety of effects. In addition, a variable low-pass filter offers broad control over the tone of the distortion, and a built-in noise gate function with an adjustable trigger level effectively shuts out unwanted noise.


Three-band equalizer offers wide-ranging tonal control. Up to 15dB of boost of cut can be applied to the low, mid, and high bands, and the center of frequency of the mid band can be adjusted over a broad 400Hz - 6.3kHz range.


Contains a number of effects based on amplitude and delay of modulation. Includes Chorus - combining delay time and amplitude to thicken and add warmth; Flanger - pronounced effect based on dely time modulation; Symphonic - broad, sweeping effect that adds a sense of scale; and Tremelo - utilizing amplitude modulation to produce a periodic volume variation.


Includes a number of reverb types, including Room, Hall, Vocal, and Plate.


Includes a number of different Delay types, including Echo and independently variable left and right channel delays.

MIDI Control

Any of the 90 memory locations may be directly selected from a remote MIDI device (such as a keyboard or MIDI foot controller). It is possible to control up to two different effect parameters simultaneously in real time. In addition, any two MIDI controllers can be assigned to any two effect parameters.

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