Yamaha EMX 660 Mixer Amp
£450 Hove

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Hardly Used EMX 660 Mixer Amp - Buyer Collects!


Each input channel has a main level control, a monitor level control, and an FX send level control. They all have basic, fixed 3-band EQ - Low, Mid and High which allow a cut or boost of up to 15 dB. While there are no 'sweepable' mids, the fixed bands provide usable tone controls for the input sources.

The first four channels give you the option of either a low-impedance XLR - with switchable global +15V phantom power or a high-impedance 1/4 -inch input, (but you can’t use both at once!). The first four input channels also have a selectable 30 dB attenuation pad for use when you’re connecting line-level gear or mics with very hot outputs.

Channels 5 and 6 are the opposite - they have three inputs each, one XLR and two unbalanced 1/4 -inch, all of which you can use at the same time!! [Although there's only one set of level and tone controls for all three inputs on channel 6, and one set for the inputs on channel 5.] The 1/4 -inch inputs on channel 5 are for stereo line-level signals, such as those from keyboards, synthesizers, or a submix from another mixer, while channel 6 offers two high-impedance instrument inputs, primarily for guitars and basses, but also for other line-level sources such as synths and drum machines.


There's a simple digital FX processor onboard containing two kinds of delay and six varieties of reverb. Solo musos will be happy as there is an optional footswitch to turn the FX on and off. An FX level pot on each channel sets the amount of signal sent to the effects processor, and you can adjust the amount of the effect returning to the mix via the effect return knobs in the master monitor and main sections.Providing even more flexibility, an FX send jack can route the output of the effects bus to the input of an external processor. You can then route the output of the outboard unit back into the EMX660 via the Aux In jack, and control the level of return with a knob in the Main section. Cool!


The EMX660 is 3-bus, mono powered mixer that packs plenty of punch for its size. The built-in amp provides 300W of output power (4 ·) to each of two output channels, or 600W (at 8 ·) bridged.

A 3-position switch on the front panel allows you to use one of three different power and speaker configurations: the main bus to both speaker output channels, the main bus to channel 1 and the monitor bus to channel 2, or the main bus to the bridge connection. A single 1/4

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