Xbox 360 4GB, Kinect Sensor, 4 Games (inc Max Payne 3), 3 Controllers & Extras

Grimsby £130.00
1035 days ago


For sale is my very good condition and very looked after Xbox 360 Console as titled 4GB Version with Kinect Sensor, 4 games; max payne 3(both game discs just no case), world cup south africa 2010, happy feet 2 and kinect adventures.

Comes with 3 controllers one of which has been modded with red thumbsticks and D pad (which i put the originals in the pink controller) if you want me to switch them back over before you buy I will just ask, the red skin is just a silicone case which can be took off and the original black xbox controller is underneath.

Also comes with a mega of a headset its a Geo-Teck it cost me about 50quid it plays voice and gameplay sound at the same time which provides an amazing experience. Its a military style headset with camouflage webbing on the top.

Comes with all usual leads etc including HDMI lead and A/V Lead (needed to play gameplay sound to headset). I havnt got the original box sorry.


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