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Here we have a fantastic World War 2 collectable in the form of a Bakelite German aircraft altimeter produced by Hohe on 10th August 1938, when the German forces were expanding and preparing for war.

This was recently purchased from a very reputable auction house (the auctioneer is regularly on television) and it was described as having been taken from a Messerschmitt. The auction was held in Kent, near the coast, which was at the forefront of protecting Britain. As such, I would assume the aircraft this came from came down in Kent, probably during the 1940 - 1941 period when The Battle of Britain was in full swing and the area experienced numerous dogfights involving Spitfires and Messerschmitts.

As can be seen from the pictures, it is in Very Good Condition and the dial to the front turns well. There are various numbers and a stamp to the reverse which appears to read as BAT 653. It is difficult to distinguish and may not be visible in the accompanying photos, so this may not be completely correct. As such though, it may be possible for an enthusiast to trace the aircraft this was fitted in and then find out more of the associated history.

The piece measures approximately 8.5 cms across and is a little over 5 cms deep. This excludes the fittings to the reverse and front dial. It weighs 251 grammes.

A fantastic piece of World War 2 history!

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