wedding dress absolute bargin never worn

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I bought this wedding dress thinking it was THE 1 but recently purchased another one i like more, was thinking of wearing both but honestly dont think i will take the other one off. So to try get some money bk and towards my wedding here is my wedding dress for a bargin £50 due to not being able to sell. I bought it for £300 from a wedding dress warehouse i found. I dont have a receipt.

Im not married yet i havent worn it but i did try it on with fake tan on :s so it does need a dry clean (£20-30) and why the price is so reduced. I wear fake tan, constantly and none of my clothes are stained i cant see why this would be stained just needs a wash.

Its white slim fit maxi dress type dress size 8 silk corset top i would say it would fit size 10 aswel waist is free the back is tied crossed with silk string beautiful dress see pics that is me with it on and show of the front.

txt/call me come try it on, have a look, its a bargin gorgeous wedding dress
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