Waterproof, Shock resistant, Scratch proof, armor casing for IPhone 5 and 4

Kilkeel, County Down £79.99
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829 days ago


Well boys and girls have we got something extra ordinary for you today. We have the toughest IPhone cover available on the market, and we are the only seller in the UK and Europe for this product. It is shock absorbent so you can throw it, stand on it or even drop kick it, this casing will let no harm come to your IPhone. It is also water tight so you can take it to the beach or running in the rain,
whatever you like.

The Gorilla glass cover is also coated with a nano hydrophilic coating causing water to bounce away from the phone. There is no other phone cover in the UK or European market like this one. It is perfect for people who live an adventurous life style, like biking and hiking, this casing is solid armour for your IPhone and we all agree makes its really cool looking.

My cousin is in the army and is currently going through about 4 IPhones a year, I got him a pre manufactured one for an early xmas gift and he said it is amazing it keeps out the sand, he has fallen on it many times and survive a huge knock from the butt of a gun. So all in all it’s a piece of equipment your Iphone can not do without.

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