Warhammer 40K Cadian Battleforce and more, with Space Marines and Tau!
£50 Theale, Reading

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Here is my collection of Warhammer 40K figures, up for sale because my interests have now moved on and I've nowhere to put them!

Mixture of painted and unpainted, the painted ones arent caked in the stuff so they can be repainted however you like!

The Space Marines I have are: 1x Combat Squad (5 figures), 1x Scout Squad (5 metal figures), 1x either Captain or Commander (he has a combination bolter/flamer and a battle axe, his standard has snapped off his backback but that can be easily repaired and the frame for the standard is supplied), plus 1x metal figure with a plasma rifle, 1x metal figure with a flamer (I can't find out what sort of troops these are), 1x Terminator, 1x Rhino APC with Plasma Cannon, 1x Dreadnought and 1x Land Speeder. All of these are painted.

The Tau are: 1x Fire Warrior Squad (12x figures with 2x Gun Drones, stands supplied, painting is incomplete on 7 and the other 5 are unpainted but 4 have a black basecoat applied), plus 1x Devilfish APC with the 2 Gun Drones and stands for the drones supplied.

Cadians are: 2x Leman Russ, 3x Heavy Weapons Team (Lascannon, Heavy Bolter and a Rocket Launcher), 2 Metal Officers, and 22x Infantry (most armed with Laser Rifles, 2 with Chainsword and Pistols, a few with Grenade Launchers or Flamers).

I take cash on collection or paypal, if you need the figures to be posted then I'll ask another £5-7 for postage, any questions just email me or drop me a text!


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