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(Fajas colombianas reductoras latex ortopedica modeladora)

- The pictures are of me and have not been digitally manipulated in respect of proportions so basically what you see is what you get. I am a natural waist (by measuring the smallest part of my waist where it dips naturally) size 33.75 and after wearing the corset I was a 30.75 as per the pics.

- This waist cincher is designed and marketed to help you reduce your waist size by up to around 4 inches (10cm) and these are very popular on the Latin American scene
- Latex construction gives strength, durability and most importantly flexibility
- Firm abdominal support accelerates recovery from C-sections, post partum and improves posture for the relief of back pain
- Apparently these thermal waistbands offer greater compression eliminating stored fat on the lower back and tummy area helping to reduce waist shape over time
- 3 rows of adjustable strong hook and eye fastenings to adapt to your changing shape. As you can see from the photos, I was only using the first (lowest) line of hooks which gave me a 3 inch reduction.
- If it is a strong but flexible corset / waist cincher you are looking for then this definitely is the one as the before and after pics demonstrate the remarkable transformation of my straight-waisted flubbly belly into princess hourglass :-)
- I would imagine this corset has the same kind of cinching / waist training power as a steel boned corset but without the need to lace up or hid strings and with a smoother and more flexible profile which works better under slim fitting clothes. And because there are no rods or bones, there is nothing in it to start jabbing you in the ribs when it starts to bend (as I have found with some cheap flexible boned corsets).
- With a nipped in waist, I have noticed that it changes the appearance of my whole figure from flab to fab and I love the confidence it gives me in my appearance.
- Only worn once for less than 1 hour so the item is basically in the same condition it was bought and latex is in good strong firm and un-stretched condition.

I am selling because I need to raise funds and and this item is now unused because I purchased it in the wrong size (being new to the whole waist cinching world) so to be frankly honest, it cinches me in too much that it is uncomfortable to wear therefore I need a larger size.

Lastly, please note the slight inconsistency (dusty appearance) of the latex colouring (which can be seen from the pictures of the corset itself). This is not due to usage, I think this is something which occurs on dark non glossy latex / rubber materials.


I do care about the safety and health of others so I would personally recommend only going for a 2 inch (5cm) reduction, which for me is my comfortable limit, especially for those who have never worn a corset before although I appreciate each person is different and you may decide to go for more, but medical advise should always be consulted if you have any physical conditions and definitely avoid if you are pregnant. I think that any more than 2 inches is not a good idea as I believe health should come before beauty and so if I can't breathe or sit down properly then it kind of forfeits the purpose as that never looks good and is not sustainable. I don't wish to sell this product to anyone under the age of 16 and I would welcome anyone interested in buying it to come and try it on first so that you can see whether or not you are happy with it as I do not offer refunds hence cash on collection is preferred. However, I will post for anyone who desires on this understanding.

Key stats:

Side: 10 inches height
Front: 12.5 inches
Material: 80% latex, 17% cotton, 3% lycra

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