Vox AC30 Custom Classic Head + Vox V212 BNX Cab
£1,000 Preston

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

If your just after the head or the cab then feel free to send me an offer.

Vox AC30 Custom Classic Head + Vox V212 BNX Cab for sale. Mint Condition. Rare.

I'm selling my Vox setup as I really don't play guitar enough anymore to warrant owning such a high caliber setup.

I bough both of these together brand new about 3 years ago. This was always my dream setup. The CCH has switches on the back that can make it run internally in exactly the same way as the original AC30. This can be absolutely amazing for that vintage sound. On the flip side you can flick the switches and make it run in "Modern Mode" which essentially makes the amp generate less noise and hiss. This can be handy in the studio or just generally when your after a cleaner sound.

If you drive the the tube hard and turn the master down you can have some real heavy tube distortion which to me is so much more pleasing to the ear than any other form of distortion. Alternatively if you turn the input stage down and the master up this amp can sound exceptionally clean but still with that lovely vintage tone.

Ultimately if you love those vintage tones but also want an amp that is more versatile then this is perfect.

Both the Cab and the Head still look brand new. I have only gigged with this setup once except the head which had been gigged twice.

To my knowledge Vox have stopped making these now and I cannot find anywhere that sells this setup anymore which makes this setup very rare. I have also never seen either of them on ebay.

If you wanted this setup when it came out but missed out here is your chance.

Cash preferred although I would consider paypal.

I could potentially meet buyer somewhere in the preston area if need be as I live about 25 minutes outside of Preston.

Reverb and tremolo switch pedal included as well as a high quality speaker cable.

Tech specs/Details below.

AC30 Custom Classic Head Details:

In 2004, Vox introduced a new series of amplifier called the AC30 Custom Classic. It claims to combine attributes of the original AC30 with what Vox sales literature refers to as a "boutique" of features. Specifications of the AC30CC series are two Inputs (Top Boost & Normal), an Input Link Switch for blending channels, a Normal Volume knob, a Brilliance Switch, a Top Boost Volume knob, a Treble knob, an EQ Standard/Custom Switch, Bass and Reverb Controls (Tone, Mix, and a Dwell Switch), Tremolo Speed & Depth knobs, a Tone Cut knob, a Master Volume knob, a Standby and a Power Switch, switchable cathode bias (Output Bias switch: "50 Hot": 33W at full power, "82 Warm": 22W at low power), switchable filter values (vintage/modern), and a true bypass effects loop. All AC30CC series amps, although believed to be 30 watts, are in fact 40 watts in power handling.

V212 BNX Cab Details:

The Vox V212BNX cabinet with Celestion ''blue'' AINiCo speakers, is the perfect addition to your Vox AC30 Custom Classic or Classic Plus! The V212BNX features two 12" Celestion ''blue'' AINiCo speakers, 8/16 Ohms, 60 watts of power handling, vintage looks, and more!

Pair the The Vox V212-BNX cab with either of the Vox AC50CPH/AC100CPH/AC30CCH heads, and you’ve got an unbeatable tone machine. No matter how you play, there’s a Classic Plus for you.

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