VOICELIVE, Vocal Processor from T.C. Helicon

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Get the most out of your vocal performance with TC Helicon's VoiceLive. This all-in-one vocal tool kit brings your signature vocal sound anywhere you want and places your studio voice tools at your feet. Get the same quality processing you expect in a studio environment - anywhere.

The most natural sounding harmonies, Transparent pitch correction, Easy control at your feet, Built for the road.

Vocal Processing technology based on VoiceWorks including:
The most natural sounding vocal harmony available using proprietary TC-Helicon technology
HybridShift harmony generation for smooth, natural harmony voices
Humanization of harmony voices utilizing: FlexTime, Human-Modeled Vibrato, Inflection, Pitch randomization, Portamento and gender
Four harmony control modes for intelligent voicing and or MIDI controlSelectable Equal-tempered and Just tuning for harmonies
HarmonyHold - freezes harmony voices for more interesting harmony phrasing.
Automatic pitch correction using factory and custom scales
Lead voice doubling
TC Electronic 3-band EQ, low cut and compressor gate
TC Electronic reverb & tap-tempo delay
Eight smooth-travel footswitches
Five edit knobs for hands-on preset editing
Expression pedal input
MIDI control over all parameters via CC and SYSEX
MIC pass thru to post mixing by Front of House engineer
AUX input to reverb / delay
24 bit harmony processing

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