Vintage 1970's Marshall 4x12 Cab 1960A Basketweave Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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Very reluctant sale but I have too much gear so this has to go.

Vintage 1970's Marshall 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. 1960A Model. Black tolex with Basketweave grill and period-correct smaller Marshall logo to front. White piping to grill. Small Gold piping on top of the cab next to the skid trays where the amp sits. Plastic Corner protectors. Basketweave is a re-grill as it is in perfect condition and looks excellent!

Rest of cab has usual marks on tolex and slight rips from being hauled in and out of a van for years - good cosmetic condition for the age - certainly alot better than most marshall cabs of this era!

Plastic handles and Marshall logo'd skid trays. Single jack socket. heavy duty birch I believe - good solid weight to this cab. They don't make them like this anymore!

16Ohms. Back plate denoting model is missing. Screws to back of cabinet are ok but could do with replacing at some point.


3 x Rola Celestion G12M. 16 ohms, 25 Watts, 75Hz cone. All date to October 1978. Speaker Codes: 1. KL11 T1221, KL4 T1221, KL30 T1221. All have black magnet covers (speakers are known as Blackbacks - identical to the Greenbacks only a different magnet cover).

1 x Rola Celestion G12H. 16 Ohms, 25 Watts. 75Hz cone. Dates to July 1978. Speaker Code: KL30 T1221. Black magnet cover.

All speakers in perfect working order. Amazing sounding speakers suitable for a range of musical styles. Nice 'glassy' lead tones with superb clarity. These sound particularly good with a loud valve amp! The combination of the heavy duty speaker cab and 4 Celestion greenbacks is superb. 100% original speakers with no repairs, nice smooth cone movement when moved by hand, no rubbing or scraping. The G12H is obviously a replacement but is period-correct.

STRICTLY COLLECTION ONLY FROM SOUTH WALES. Please do not ask if I will post.

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