V-Fit vibration Plate for sale!
£60 Newtown St. Boswells, Melrose

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Vibration Plate for Sale....hardly used as no motivation at all! Has been super for hanging washing on over the winter but husband now moaning about my bulky makeshift clothes dryer!!! It has 9 settings/programmes, bought from Argos in the summer last year when i was determined to get more 'toned'. You can do different positions on the vibration plate or just stand and hold on to the supporting handles. You are better to have it on the highest setting as i find the lower setting feels like its just toning your ankles. I had imagined it may be like those big plates they have in the gymns but its not as strong which is hardly surprising considering those cost 5 grand and mine was 150 new! You can just use it while you are watching the soaps, its no hardship and you will be toning at the same time! The maximum weight it holds is 17 stone. Start now and you'll be trim for summer!

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