Trek T1000c 63cm Racing Bike

Sutton, Surrey £235.00
1026 days ago


Excellent very large frame racing bike from Trek. Suitable for the taller person only.

Adjustable handlebars and sloping frame geometry means that you can have the handlebars higher than some racers, without resorting to spacers that can make the bike unstable. But of course you can also put the bars down.

Secondary brake levers make it easy to apply the brakes whilst your hands are on top.

Suitable for commuting, touring, and long comfortable rides.

SL alloy, alloy rims, SORA STI gears, secondary handlebar brake levers. Carbon forks,

Very good condition, perhaps 1500 miles? Priced includes full SKS mudguards and hardcase continental tyres (the best puncture resistance fast tyre).

Suitable for rider 5ft11 to 6ft4 and over.

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