Treble Bleed kit - AMAZING TONE upgrade for any Guitar or Bass with passive pickups

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Monstertone® Treble Bleed Kit
The best £2.95 you will spend on your Guitar or Bass EVER - Guaranteed!


Don't change your pickups yet!

Get Monster Tone(TM) with this simple fit kit!
We even include the solder!
Incredible tone upgrade for as little as £1.95 plus £1 P&P- thats only £2.95 delivered!
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Check out the pics for details of this kit

This is our Crunch tone Kit - based on the values needed for any Guitar or Bass
Strat/Tele/Jazz/Rickenbacker - this fits em all! The crunch tone kit produces - well a crunch tone!

We also do a £6 twin PIO kit (paper in Oil) kit for smooth woody tone and a couple of Hendrix kits specifically for Strats and telecasters

REAL FEEDBACK received on eBay for our £5.99 kit
Lot of speculation about these do they work? Oh yes they do flippin brilliant !! Buyer: dualbandjohnny ( 584) 30-Nov
Paper in Oil PIO Treble Bleed pickup upgrade Seymour Duncan Mod x2 Kits

Kit includes a treble bleed capacitor & resistor network, heat shrink insulation sleeve and full instructions

Get great quality sound - with the best value kit on the web !

We even include enough solder to complete the job!

You may have noticed that as you turn your electric guitar's volume pot down, the sound loses treble becoming progressively muddier and lacking in high frequencies. This treble loss is a problem, and many guitarists don’t like the dull bassy sound, particularly with effects like distortion pedals etc.

Using this kit you can perform a very simple modification to your guitar to counteract the loss in tonal quality as you turn the volume down.

Only simple soldering skills required

Each kit consists of:
1 treble bleed capacitor and resistor network
2 lengths insulation sleeve
and a couple of inches of solder enough to do the job!

Full instructions included - only a few minutes to install - easy fit

This kit provides the simplest, most cost effective and easiest to fit solution possible! It also has the advantage that when you turn the volume on full IT HAS NO EFFECT, leaving the “full on” sound of your guitar unaltered.

It is also easily reversible should you change your mind at a later stage.

The kit involves the fitting a couple of a small electronic components - a treble bleed cap & resistor - to your volume pot inside your guitar. This has the effect of feeding treble frequencies to the output.

The effect is incredible! Check out the eBay feedback on these kits - you won't be disappointed!

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