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Fully transactional ecommerce site for an affordable price.

1. Manage all your eCommerce in one place.
2. Build multiple uniquely branded storefronts.
3. Ease administrative burdens of eCommerce.
4. Expand internationally – sell in new countries.
5. Roll-out new features as your needs grow.
6. Own your growth – transparent & predictable pricing.

You never have to worry about time consuming and costly upgrades, replacement of legacy systems, or hardware—you’ll always be at the leading edge of technology, applications, and capabilities for today’s commerce landscape.

Storefront functionality includes:

1. Web based control panel
2. Order Management
3. Dynamic categories
4. Product Promotion Engine
5. Pricing Management
6. Transactional emails
7. Secure Checkout
8. Integration
9. Customization
10. Hosted Solution

plus… an ever expanding list of must-have features.

Provide help in marketing campaigns – across the web, mobile, social and email.

Our marketing team can help you with integrating best practices:

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Email Marketing and Deliverability
3. Promotions Management
4. Loyalty Management
5. Shopper behaviour and segmentation analysis
6. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO)
7. Comparison Shopping Engines (ex: shopzilla, pricegrabber)
8. Marketplaces (e.g.: eBay, Amazon and
9. Enterprise Web analytics
10. Affiliate management........

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