Trace Elliot Super Tramp Guitar Amplifier 80W 112
£60 Carrick Knowe, Edinburgh

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Up for sale is my Trace Elliot Super Tramp Guitar Amplifier.

There's not a lot of information out there about these. Manufactured in the 1990s its got 80W of (loud) solid state power, a single 12" Celestion speaker, inbuilt reverb, and two channels. A previous owner has modded this one so that it has a DI out too for plugging into a mixer. Unfortunately I do not have the footswitch, but it would be easy enough to make or source one (a generic one would work).

The clean sounds on this are really lovely, and the distortion sounds pretty good too. I always used it as a clean base for pedals and was happy with the results. I'm selling it because I don't play guitar in a band and with a toddler in the house I only get to play through headphones these days!

The amp also has an effects loop, but the last time I used the effects loop it made a very odd sound so I want to be upfront about that. I've never had any other issues with it.

£60 or (very) near offer. I'm in Corstorphine, near Union Park.

Not looking for any specific trades but I could maybe be tempted by an interesting pedal or some bass gear.

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