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THE OXFORD HISTORY OF ENGLAND hardback 16 volume set.
Each volume is an independent book, but the whole series forms a continuous history of England from the Roman period to the present century.
A wonderful reference library for the home or student historian.
Each volume in excellent condition despite being technically second-hand rather than new. They've been shelved unread.
Vol 1A Roman Britain Peter Salway
Vol 1B The English Settlements J.N.L. Myres
Vol 2 Anglo-Saxon England Sir Frank Stenton 3rd edition
Vol 3 From Domesday Book to Magna Carta Austin L. Poole 2nd edition
Vol 4 The Thirteenth Century Sir Maurice Powicke 2nd edition
Vol 5 The Fourteenth Century May McKisack
Vol 6 The Fifteenth Century E.F. Jacob
Vol 7 The Earlier Tudors J.D. Mackie
Vol 8 The Reign of Elizabeth J.B. Black 2nd edition
Vol 9 The Early Stuarts Godfrey Davies 2nd edition
Vol 10 The Later Stuarts Sir George Clark 2nd edition
Vol 11 The Whig Supremacy Basil Williams 2nd edition. Revised by C.H. Stuart
Vol 12 The Reign of George III J. Steven Watson
Vol 13 The Age of Reform Sir Llewellyn Woodward 2nd edition
Vol 14 England 1870 - 1914 Sir Robert Ensor
Vol 15 English History 1914 - 1945 A.J.P. Taylor

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