Technics SL-220 Turntable
£125 Whitley Bay

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Technics turntable SL-220 and a few vinyle records in excelent condition.
Technics SL-220
Frequency Generator Servo Automatic Turntable System
The Technics SL-220 is a two-speed, belt driven turntable system with static balance type tonearm.
Specifications: Type: auto turntable system
Drive method: belt drive
Motor: frequency generator servo dc motor
Platter: 304mm aluminium alloy diecast
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS
Rumble: -70dB
Tonearm: universal type tubular arm
Effective length: 230mm
Headshell weight: 9g
Dimensions: 430 x 126 x 375mm
Weight: 4.5kg

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