Sulis Professional Series Homoeopathic Remedy Maker - MK3

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Hardly used, excellent condition, full working order, but few surface marks on case, complete with Remedy Code Book, latest updates and pillules ready to make remedies. For Homoeopathic practitioner use, someone studying at homoeopathic college or lay practitioner. Makes all the usual remedies, plus flower remedies and more!

The Sulis Professional Series MK3 Remedy Maker makes any single or combination Homoeopathic Remedy in any potency (X or D, C, M, LM) up to 999,999MM and will copy any substance or remedy and make the remedy in any potency (X or D, C, M, LM) up to 999,999MM. The MK3 model also includes the following additional features:

Input/Output leads and sockets for use with external devices such as QX machine and cuff, or for direct application to the skin.

Korsakovian Remedy Making Functions K, CK, LMK, MK The instrument will add all potencies within a specified range to the tablets. i.e. If a starting point of 30C is selected and an end point of 200C is selected the machine will add 30C, 31C, 32C....199C, 200C to the remedy.

Antidote Reduction (AR)
The ‘AR’ feature is unique to the Sulis Remedy Maker MK3. This feature creates a greater stability in the energy pattern of the remedy, which makes it more difficult for the patient to antidote a remedy by ingesting mint etc. However strong coffee will still antidote a remedy made on a Sulis Machine.

For more information search for Sulis Instruments on the web.

Price: Normally £1,400 NEW, save £500!

Save £500 on a brand new machine. Can ship if required, Payment via PayPal accepted can also accept credit and debit cards. Cheques acceptable, shipment on cheque clearance or pay by cash on collection.

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