Stunning Turnberry Rug Works Camargue 100% Merino Bespoke Rug

Colchester £500.00
1018 days ago


Camargue 100% Merino Bespoke Rug. Used. But in fine condition. It is a thing of beauty and so cosy. Move of house forces sale. Cost £1000 - 3 years ago.

A rug that you could hide in. A rug to watch the TV from. A rug that could be a spare bed!!
Felted wool with ends of the finer worsted wool to give a 100% merino wool rug with the warmth and comfort of a pile height of 60mm. . The tufts are of the J shape to give that feeling of density even with the higher pile height.

Yarn - 1 end felted wool, 4 ends 2/20 worsted wool

Pile - 60mm

Colour - Pile: Cream, Yarn: teal & plum

Dimensions - 160cm x 250cm

check out the website of the lovely scottish people who made it....

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