split seasoned logs DERBYSHIRE

derby £45.00
1203 days ago


split seasoned logs for sale

moisture between 18 to 22 percent

1 cubic metre bag £45
2 bags £85

£60 a cubic ,metre bag or buy 2 together £110 Saving £10

also nets available

10 netts £30

18 netts £50

hardwood logs £60 a cubic metre bag
all prices include free deliver in the derby boundary area
please ask when ordering outside may incur a small charge

Our firewood logs are selected from the finest hardwood and have been through a seasons drying process which means that they are perfectly seasoned and ready to burn on your fire or wood burning stove. Light, clean and easy to handle, they also emits a delightful aroma when burnt. The performance of your stove is directly related to the quality of the wood you use. our dried wood has a moisture content of 22% or less, ensuring it burns hotter for longer, increasing the efficiency of your stove.
In terms of heat output, one of our-dried logs is roughly equivalent to three unseasoned wood logs, making them far more economical in the long run.

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